Upright Position Communications | What We Do
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We help companies tell compelling stories to
the right (and often new) audience.

You’ll hear this from us quite a bit: Public relations is about more than just issuing a press release. The best results are achieved through strong relationships, solid counsel and the right strategy and tactics. When PR is working well, it’s a well orchestrated dance routine. With solid messaging for every audience, telling the story to the right journalists and managing all internal and external communications channels, your company is in a solid position to tell it’s story in a ways that’s meaningful and impactful. That’s why we’re here for you. We provide you with PR support delivers sound counsel, precise wordsmithing and a dogged journalistic approach to finding positioning that resonates.

The Upright Approach


Great PR

Our solid strategies mean the difference between good PR and great PR.


Compelling Stories

We ensure you’re telling a compelling story about your business.


Far More

We believe that public relations is far more than issuing a press release.


Building Momentum

We find opportunities between the launches and the announcements that build momentum.


Sustainable Results

We know communications is not a switch you turn on: Results aren’t immediate and our focus is on sustainable results.


The Quiet Period

We guarantee your IPO “quiet period” will not be a silent period.


Building a Foundation

We build a foundation around key milestones so your story is constantly being told.


Quality, Not Quantity

We measure media coverage by quality, not quantity.


Effective Communications

We believe effective communications provide solutions to business issues.

Our Practice Areas

When effective, public relations is the Rosetta Stone between companies who have a compelling story to tell and the journalists looking for amazing stories. At Upright, we have been on both sides of this relationship and understand the frustrations both feel and strive to reduce those pressure points.


IPOs & Major Capital Funding

Companies are finding innovative ways to fund their ventures. Part of the funding process is making sure stakeholders, potential investors and customers know that your company is strong and committed to long term growth. Another part is ensuring you make the most of your funding announcement. If your company is going public, you need a solid communications strategy leading up to, and going beyond the IPO.


PR Infrastructure & Development

Whether your company is just spreading its wings or if your PR needs are changing due to market conditions, you need the right communications and messaging infrastructure in place to drive media coverage, buzz and business.


Travel & Tourism Industry

Travel & tourism represents approximately 10% of the world’s GDP. If your business or destination serves the travel and tourism industry, your voice should resonate as a vibrant contributor to the global economy and benefit from global tourism economy that surrounds us.

Our Services

Any good PR firm promises writing, media outreach and streamlined communications. Few actually deliver. At Upright, we take a passionate approach to PR, working only with clients who recognize the value of communications. Where we excel is in making sure our services work in harmony to create a communications platform that is sustainable and builds on momentum. Our services include:

  • Strategic PR counsel and strategy
  • Core message development
  • Writing corporate product narrative
  • Media outreach
  • Comms support around issues management
  • Crisis communications
  • Social media engagement
  • Product announcements
  • Funding announcements
  • Industry commentary
  • Speaking platforms
  • Marketing integration
  • Event support