Melissa McKenzie

Content Strategist

With a strong background in communications and marketing, Melissa has a keen eye for spotting and telling stories. As a staff writer for a weekly Bay Area newspaper for nearly six years, Melissa tackled everything from breaking news and business profiles to reviews and event recaps, often finding new angles for many of the events the paper covered each year. She also served as a staff photographer and the publication’s graphic designer.

In addition to continuing to write for various print and online publications, Melissa has most recently served as a public relations writer for 25th Hour Communications, a boutique public relations firm focusing two year college intuitions and PR representative for Guggenheim Entertainment/3Below Theaters & Lounge, a small musical production company in San Jose. Prior to those positions, Melissa was the communications and marketing manager for the Parents Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park and the marketing coordinator at the corporate office of ergonomic retailer Relax The Back in Southern California.