We are the IPO specialists…
and that’s just the start.

When a company decides to go down the IPO path, it’s sending a message to the outside world that they’ve arrived. To deliver that message requires a communications regimen that’s more structured and reaches a broader audience than just customers – you need to reach key stakeholders in your industry, vertical industries, potential investors and the financial and business media that will cover you on a daily basis.   This way of conducting PR isn’t limited to companies on the IPO path. Having a solid communications platform in place ensures your company’s momentum is mirrored in the media. With the advent of more media channels, a flurry of social media and the alteration of traditional media, your audience has more options than ever and they will access these options to seek out authentic stories, not over-produced spin. Crafting messaging that resonates with your core audience is our focus.

Our Founder

Upright Position Communications was founded by Paul Wilke, an experienced communications professional who has worked with incredible people and organizations for nearly 30 years. With feet-on-the-ground experience working on both US coasts and in Asia, Paul is focused on telling compelling stories, garnering on-message media coverage and providing sound strategic counsel.

Our Core Values

Sound Guidance

From ringing the trading floor bell to talking to crafting a communications strategy that goes beyond tomorrow’s announcement, we revel in providing sound strategic communications counsel to surmount any obstacle.

Solid Relationships

Public relations is more than just media relations: It’s about building relationships. Our existing partnerships with journalists, analysts and venture capitalists ensure that you are connected to the right people at the right time.

The Right Voice

Your audience is diverse. We embrace that diversity and skillfully work with each audience in a voice they know and understand, whether it’s financial media in New York or tech reporters in Silicon Valley.

Trusted Partners

When it comes to media relations you can trust that we will speak on your behalf and represent you in the best light. Our reputation is based on journalists knowing we also have their interests in mind. This trust, respect and credibility benefits you in ways that translate into stronger, on-message media coverage.

Reducing Your Workload

You know your business better than anyone. We aim to tap into that knowledge without increasing your workload and being an integral part of your team