Whoever coined the proverb, “The cobbler’s children go barefoot,” was probably thinking about public relations firms’ inabilities to promote themselves when he or she wrote it. So, in the proud tradition of many PR cobblers out there, I’m pleased to introduce to you Upright Positions Communications in a very modest manner.

When I decided to create Upright, I wanted to cover four core areas that aren’t always well-served:


The Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry represents approximately 10 percent of the world’s GDP, so you’d think strategic communications would be well represented here. Traditional travel businesses are airlines, hotels, transportation, travel bookings, large tourism destinations, etc., but these companies and tourism destinations don’t cover the full travel supply chain. If your business serves the travel and tourism industry, your voice should resonate as a vibrant contributor to the global economy and benefit from global tourism economy that surrounds us.


IPOs and Major Capital Funding

Companies today are finding more and more innovative ways to fund their ventures. Part of the funding process is making sure your stakeholders and potential customers (and investors!) know that your company is strong and committed to long term, sustainable growth. Another part is ensuring you make the most of your funding announcement. If your company is going public, you need a solid communications strategy leading up to, and going beyond, the IPO.


Global Communications Networks

Whether your company is just spreading its international wings or if your public relations firm has a client with a communications need abroad, finding the right partner abroad is crucial to your success in driving media coverage, buzz and business. I have a proven track record of finding the right agencies for projects abroad.


Agency Business Development

Public relations agencies wage a constant battle with resourcing. You want resources on hand for new business without draining your bottom line or affecting your existing clients. With nearly 20 years of corporate and agency PR experience in tech, tourism, financial, transportation and ecommerce, I can help your firm win new business and bridge the resourcing gap.


These are four areas where Upright Position can make a difference. I firmly believe there’s a communications solution for every business issue. Public relations is about more than just putting out a press release. The best results are achieved through strong relationships, solid counsel and the right strategy and tactics.

Thank you for checking us out! In the coming weeks, you’ll read more industry commentary, areas where Upright Position Communications can help and other things we’re working on. In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter or drop me an email.

Time to go make the shoes!


Photo Credit: dontwh via Compfight cc